Hardwood flooring options are a durable and versatile choice compared to other alternatives. Follow these regular maintenance tips to make your wood floors look great for generations to come. By following these guidelines you can improve the life of the floors in your home:

  • Daily Care: Sweep with a dust mop or broom. To avoid dulling your finish do not use wet mops.
  • Weekly Care: Vacuum with the bare floor setting only.
  • Monthly: Clean with recommended wood flooring cleaner. These are the safest options when choosing a cleaner.
  • Every 3 – 5 Years: Maintenance Re-coating will help improve the look of the finish based on normal wear and tear.
  • Every Few Decades: Sand and refinishing a hardwood floor can restore that brand new look.

In addition to normal care here are some more tips to preserve your wood floor:

  • Clean up spills immediately with a wet cloth, and dry afterwards.
  • Avoid sliding furniture and heavy items on wood flooring. It is best to pickup all items when moving them.
  • Use rugs and welcome mats to reduce debris and dirt from damaging the floor.
  • Apply stick-on felt protectors on the bottom of furniture legs and corners. These will prevent scuffs and scratches, and help dampen the sound impact on contact.
  • Use a humidifier during the winter season reduce gaps.